Frequently asked questions

How much will VE.PLANT cost me to purchase?
The pricing depends on the market and is currently estimated by the components at EUR 1649 excl. VAT up to EUR 1749 excl. VAT. The price is based on a configuration of 4 levels.
How much does VE.PLANT cost me during operation?
The cost of operating the device varies with the price per kWh charged by your electricity provider. The average power consumption is approx. 70 watts. This low consumption is achieved by the control software. In our calculation, with a configuration of 4 levels, which is sufficient for just under 4 - 6 people, the cost per person/week is around EUR 0.92. This already includes water consumption and nutrients. As electricity consumption is the biggest cost driver, even more savings can be made here by optimising the light supply. This means that significantly less artificial light is needed in bright locations or in summer.
How large is VE.PLANT?
The dimensions of the VE.PLANT base are 160cm x 57cm x 50cm (width x height x depth). The maximum height, with 4 levels, is 2.46 metres.
How many VE.PLANTs will I need?
A VE.PLANT with 4 fully planted levels, which is harvested 1 - 2 times a week, is sufficient for 4 - 6 people on average.
Can I use VE.PLANT as a room divider?
Of course, this is actually the preferred use. That's because the plants in the system make the room look much fresher and more appealing than grey walls. The only important thing here is that light-sensitive people should not be placed directly next to the plant system.
How do I get the plants?
You can buy everything you need for VE.PLANT from us. From plant pots, rockwool and seeds to pre-grown seedlings.

However, it is important to us that you are not tied to any manufacturer, including us, when planting your VE.PLANT. You can buy your plants from any manufacturer of your choice. Please follow the planting instructions provided by the manufacturer.
How much time do I need to invest to use VE.PLANT?
As a rule, you only need to plan half an hour to an hour of labour per month to top up the water and nutrients. If you are growing new plants in your VE.PLANT, the system will require a little more attention, so your workload will also increase slightly. But you will never need more than four hours per month.

In addition to planting and harvesting, the system needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. A time window of four hours should be planned for this each time, as the system is partially dismantled in order to reach the individual parts.
How loud is VE.PLANT?
VE.PLANT runs at a room volume of 40 - 50 dB. This is due to the integrated gutter beads and the sound-optimised water pipes. It is therefore louder to make a phone call than to operate VE.PLANT.
How much power does VE.PLANT consume?
As a rule, a 4-level system consumes around 70 watts on average. This low value is achieved by optimising the lighting time and regulating the running time of the water pumps.
Which plants work with VE.PLANT?
This is where you come in. Let's find out together what's possible! We've already done the groundwork for you here and have lettuce, lettuce, cress, tomatoes, micro greens and various herbs growing in our VE.PLANTs.
Where do I set up my VE.PLANT?
VE.PLANT can be placed anywhere in your office and can therefore also be used perfectly as a room divider. Thanks to our included lighting, it is not necessary to install VE.PLANT at a window. So it's up to you: Get creative and find the best place, for example at desk islands, in the kitchen or on unused areas in the corridor (as long as the escape route is not blocked).
How long does it take until the first harvest?
The ripening time until the first harvest depends on how you stock your VE.PLANT. As a rule, you can enjoy the first harvest after just 4 - 6 weeks. This works, for example, with rocket, lettuce or micro greens (some of these even after 7 - 12 days). Cucumbers and tomatoes take longer. Here it can take up to 16 weeks for the first harvest.